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Who is Pu?

I am a licensed doctor of physical therapy with a passion for health and wellness. I love to meet people where they are and help them find their individualized path to fitness. I aim to make becoming physically fit attainable for everyone despite their current abilities, limitations, and resources. I believe being physically fit can be the foundation for improved self-confidence and quality of life. I want everyone to love the skin they are in! I use my background in ballet dance, athletic training, and physical therapy to create comprehensive full-body fitness programs that allow my clients to improve their body composition in a healthy, functional, and sustainable way.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work towards their goals. Let's work together to push through the obstacles.

Come Push it with Dr. Pu!


What is
Pushing It With Pu?

Pushing It With Pu began in April 2019.  Pu has combined her career as a physical therapist along with her love for fitness to create programs that meet people where they are. Starting with just a few friends, Pu wrote a month-long workout program 

to push herself and her crew to better health & wellness. This birthed a community of individuals coming together to push towards their goals.

Find your challenge if you:

have never worked out before, 

are preparing to show off at the next couple's trip, 

want to improve your overall health & wellness,

have a full-time job and family, 

or you just want to see how far you can push yourself...

Pushing It With Pu is made to fit you. 

Come push it!

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